Nancy Obenberger, the Operations Manager at the Economic Development Corporation of Southwest California came to the New Generations to talk about a program the that is rolling out in the Temecula and Murrieta high schools – the H.I.G.H.E.R ( How I Get Hired Employee Readiness) Certification Program.

H.I.G.H.E.R is an 8 week program that helps juniors and seniors get prepared for finding jobs after high school.  It focuses on goal setting, determining what jobs you will do well at, as well as how to keep the job you get.

H.I.G.H.E.R is an after school program that is taught by local professional leaders. Members of the New Generations have pledged their time to help teach as well as conduct mock interviews at the end of the certification program.

For more information, please contact Nancy through the Southwest Community Development Organization (