Children at Manzanillo School

Children at Manzanillo School in Nicaragua

New Gens will be heading to Nicaragua to help Waves of Hope rehab Manzanillo school.  Manzanillo is host to 105 regular students as well as 205 high school and young adults who attend on Sundays.

Waves of Hope brings travellers, surfers and the local community together in a unique way. We began our dream in 2009 when we launched El Coco Loco Resort and Waves of Hope in El Manzano Uno, a small community of about 200 people in Northern Nicaragua.  Our goal was to live in a community while also contributing to it through community engagement and investment.

Since that time we’ve raised over $50,000 for our community and had over 12 interns helping us on the ground.  We have seen tangible results in the education, health and prosperity of our community.

Together, El Coco Loco and Waves of Hope are offering a new kind of all-inclusive vacation where travellers are encouraged to get to know the community and the friendly people within it.  To learn more about our resort, please visit

The New Generations will be in Nicaragua in December to help with this project, if you would like more information or if you’d like to donate please contact us at