Waves of Hope is a non-profit community development project in Nicaragua. Their goal is to improve the quality of life in their community through strengthening local education, healthcare, and infrastructure.

We discovered Waves of Hope through one of our members and their school rehab projects quickly became a focal point of our fundraising efforts in 2012. Through our Beer Pong tournament and additional efforts, we were able to completely fund the rehabilitation of an elementary school serving over 100 students. A group of our members even traveled to Nicaragua to help with the construction. Our time with the Nicaraguan schools is not over, however. We are looking to raise additional funds for a high school and their continuing infrastructure projects.

Below is an update from the Waves of Hope website:

“In December 2012 we took on our second school rehab project with the help of the amazing New Gens Rotary Group from Temecula, CA and lots of local community members. With a limited budget of only $3500 we were able to transform a broken down elementary school into something new again. This transformation included a very deep cleaning, a new paint job including anti-corrosive paint on the tin roof, a new well that provides drinking water, the installation of water filters in each classroom, the repair of 60 desks and more. This rehab will soon include new teachers’ desks, a renovation of the teacher’s lounge and composting toilets. The 110 students attending this school daily are thrilled with the upgrades. It really is amazing what such a small amount of money can accomplish when such a determined group put their hearts and souls into a project! A huge and special thanks to the New Gens crew!”