Join us for our annual fundraiser! For the past 7 years this event has raised thousands of dollars for local and international charities. Through our enthusiastic players, silent auction donations, and generous sponsors, we were able to send a ShelterBox to the Philippines, fight homelessness with Project TOUCH, support safe driving with JonBoys Inc., increase awareness of autism with Our Nicolas Foundation, and fund a complete school rehab with Waves of Hope in Nicaragua.

The Rotary Club of Temecula Valley – New Generations meets every Thursday at TGI Fridays located at 40830 Winchester Road in Temecula at 1pm. This is not your daddy’s Rotary club. The New Generations Rotary Club has lower monthly dues, focuses on more hands-on service projects, and has a more lenient attendance policy while encouraging members to visit other traditional Rotary clubs and district events.

Only a few teams left! Email us for availability.


Where does all the money go?

While we have previously dedicated the funds raised to a specific project or charity before the event. Now, we’re allowing ourselves a little more flexibility. It will still all go towards projects which are self sustaining both locally and internationally. And we promise, none of the funds will go to our club administration fees or in our pockets.

Can I register on-site?

No. Because of the time needed to set up the brackets, all teams must be pre-registered.

Do I need to know my teammate now?

No. Registration requires you pay the $40 fee for both players right now, but you can find your teammate later. Be sure to email us though and let us know. As a reminder, all participants must be at least 18 years of age.

Are any team names off limits?

The crowd is 18 and up but try to be clever and subtle. If you still have to ask, it’s probably best to come up with another one.

What rules do you follow?

This year, we have adopted the rules of the WSOBP. There are some changes so please review the complete rules here before the tournament.

Do you play with beer?

No. There is no alcohol allowed on the tables.

What is your bounce rule?

Bounce-shots may not be interfered with until they have made contact with a cup. Bounce-shots do NOT count for two cups.

Do you have an “on fire” rule?

No. If both players on a team sink his/her shot on the same turn, that team will get one (1) additional rollback shot, not two. The only exception to this rule is during redemption.

Can we finger or blow?

No. Balls may not be interfered with while inside of a cup.