Our Club is sponsoring the clean up and maintenance for a local hiking trail in Murrieta. Come on out and hike the trail with members of our club. We will be leaving the trail head at 9:30 and hiking the 3.8 miles of trail we are sponsoring. After we finish the hiking we will do some “Fellowshipping” at the Stadium Pizza on Clinton Keith around noon. So if hiking isn’t for you, feel free to joins us afterward for some food and drinks.

Cole Canyon Trail Bio – Escape into the shadows on the Santa Rosa Plateau and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the largest trail in the City of Murrieta. With multiple paths branching off the main trail linking to various neighborhoods and the Copper Canyon Trail, you can explore this area many times and never see the same thing twice. Walk along Murrieta Creek where Native Americans lived hundreds of years ago or access the Santa Rosa Plateau (not part of the City of Murrieta’s trail system) from the northern most point of the trail.