Sponsor a flag

Honor your heroes and loved ones by sponsoring a flag today through our Interact Club. Your support also fuels our year-round community service projects. Act now for a lasting impact.


4TH - 11TH​



4TH - 11TH


How to sponsor a flag?

Step 1: Add a Flag to Your Cart

  • Visit the Murrieta Field of Honor Flag Sponsor Page by clicking “Sponsor a Flag” below
  • Once on the Flag Sponsor Page, simply add Flag sponsorship to cart.

Step 2: Proceed to Checkout

  • Click “Proceed to Checkout” to continue.

Step 3: Select Your Sponsoring Organization

  • From the dropdown list, please be sure to select “Great Oaks Interact Club” or “spring charter interact club” This step ensures that the club receives proper credits for your sponsorship.
  • Enter the necessary details like address and payment details. Then click Place Order button.